Past Projects

Fully working Laser Harp for Jean Michelle Jarre Docklands concert 1988 Development of a range of Laser control desks including: Pyramid,Oasis,Mirage,Voyager and Lisa. All of which were designed to specifically to cater for individual requirements- whether it was environment, location or budget. We were the first company in the U.K. to install a Laser projection system (40 watt YAG) with failsafe laser/ lockout system within 3 miles of a local airport (Blackpool) with full CAA approval Our initial development of portable Forensic laser systems are still being used for Crime Scene Investigation by the Metropolitan Police and other Police forces around the world. We have supplied laser solutions for over the last 20 years to Our dealer network and UK venues including Blackpool Council Premier World- where our products are used in the majority of all their multimedia shows Blackpool Pleasure Beach Metropolitan Police Hundreds of discothèques and clubs World Wide distributors of Laser Innovation products To name but a few…

Meet David

From developing MIDI Interfaces and software for the popular Amstrad PC’s in the 1980’s Contracted in 1988 to build the first working Laser Harp from LaserPoint Cambridge for Jean Michel Jarres London Docklands concert. David went on to form and run for over 20 years, Laser Innovations, based in the United Kingdom. A hugely successful company designing laser control systems and projectors. Working with DOS and Windows 3.1 to Windows NT2000 and Windows XP. Laser Innovations received multiple awards for their products and services which were both Innovative and user friendly. With a growing network of distributors, Laser Innovations sold to regions across the globe, including China. As the market changed David understood the company philosophy must also change. The company went on to develop its own high power ND YAG systems. Initially a (May want to consider a description that people can relate to. Think size of the system?) lamp pumped system. As the technology developed, it soon became a compact 40watt system. Laser Innovations also built a high power red nd yag unit which featured on the Spice Girl’s (Worldwide Tour in 19XX / 20XX). As a result of a chance conversation, Laser Innovations were asked to supply 2 systems, specially modified to work in the Crime Solving market. This led to an ongoing relationship with UK and Worldwide Police forces, as Laser Innovations worked in partnership with the forces, to develop ever more user-friendly solutions. Eventually David decided to Sell the business, Retire and move to Turkey. Laser Innovations is still going strong and due to the direction David took the business, is now purely focused on the Crime detection.Deciding his career was not yet over and some pressure from some old clients, David then formed Laser Technology. One of Laser Technology’s first orders came from Blackpool Council to provide a fully automated long range wireless Laser system. There were several obstacles’ to overcome including making it a totally fail safe system and siting the high power laser within 4 miles of a local airport. After consulting and working closely with the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) the project was given the go- ahead. Laser Technology then continued to supply its own range of products worldwide. This time however they chose the Pangolin suite of laser software. Recently changes in the market place (NOW SWAMPED with many cheap and unreliable products they focus on Manufacturing their own projectors or utilising reliable companies Like Kvant and one proven reliable Far-Eastern company. As the company was not prepared to sacrifice service and quality over cost, to compete with cheaper products, a change in strategy was again needed. Coincidentally David was introduced to Iskender Paydas A hugely talented musician composer and producer in the Turkish Music industry. They have collaborated on several projects including a 13 string Laser Harp , with full MIDI control. At the same time David also met with Ferman Akgul lead man with a band called Manga- again a very talented musician. Manga are hugely talented and represented Turkey in the Eurovision song contest. Laser Technology are currently working on a six string, “Or should I say… 6 beam laser MIDI guitar”. The above projects gave Laser Technology a clear focus on where it should target its future- the Music Industry with custom and Innovative products and tools.The company specialises in writing software for Windows application and Atmel embedded processors. We have worked on projects involving the following: Temperature control of laser diodes and Coherent OPSL systems Voice recognition Wireless and Ethernet protocols Home automation Infrared camera Range sensing MIDI CONTROL

Why Choose Us ?

- 25 years’ experience in the Laser Lightshow and Music Industries.
- Vast knowledge and experience across both ion and diode laser technologies.
- Passion and Vision is at the core of everything we do
- The Industry has evolved so have we

Asian / Chinese laser products are now readily available through the internet. These can provide you with cheap, easy purchase options- but do they offer you quality, reliability and service support? If you are looking for a supplier who are as dedicated to aftersales as the initial sale- look no further.

How are we different?

We cannot ignore Chinese product so after much research and testing have chosen a reliable Chinese partner ABLE Technology they have joined forces with Arctos laser systems in Germany to produce reliable and cost effective solutions We have also chosen Kvant laser products who we consider are the best and most innovative companies in the industry The products we offer and support are reliable and cost effective.

So we can offer any solution involving lasers

Our main experience as software developers is with Ethernet, Bluetooth, MIDI, DMX and OSC

Our Motto

If it doesn’t exist we can create it If it doesn’t exist, with us, it soon will You dream, we create
We are currently working with musicians worldwide to develop interactive musical instruments, which not only combine sound, but interactive lighting. Utilising all of our technologies, we are blending the audio and visual in new and exciting ways.


  New Products Will be Released

23.12.2015 - LaserMusicTechnology Agrees on new products to be released in 2016.

  Ships 20Watt Laser Harp to Iskender Paydas

18.12.2015 - LaserMusicTechnology Ships 20Watt Laser Harp to Iskender Paydas.

  Infra Red Virtual MIDI DrumKit

10.12.2015 - LaserMusicTechnology Prototypes Infra Red Virtual MIDI DrumKit.


27.12.2016 - LaserMusicTechnology Launches New Company Producing Hi Tech Products for Musicians and Performers. The PerformanceMesh family of Sensors include DataGloves, Motion Sensors, Colour Tracking and Pressure Sensors that can identify Multiple Performers by weight. The Main PerformanceMesh app can integrate with MIDI, DMX, OSC and serial Devices.
To learn more visit the PerformanceMesh Website!


27.12.2016 - LaserMusicTechnology Launches a new DataGlove for Musicians and Performers.
To learn more visit the PerformanceGlove Website!

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